19th ESSM Congress 2017. Nice, France.


In February 2017 Dr Heather Blaylock travelled to Nice to attend the European Society for Sexual Medicine’s 19th congress. The latest research in Sexual Medicine was presented at the Update meeting. The title of ’From Knowledge to Bedside Practice “  aimed  at educating clinicians working in the field a practical approach to problems.

Dr Blaylock was invited to chair the debate on “ Laser Therapy for Vaginal Rejuvenation:Ready for primetime’. The speakers were Professor Alessandra Graziottin and Dr Umberto Maggiore from Italy. An exciting introduction to this topic. We hope in the next year to have further research done in multi-centres on this non-surgical treatment for managing laxity  and vaginal atrophy  to establish universal protocols and  medical nomenclature to ensure best outcomes for our patients.

Other interesting topics covered included “When sex goes Viral” by Dr Mikkel Fode, a look at sexually transmitted diseases in Tinder users, “Testosterone replacement therapy in the raging male” by Arik Shechter and Mario Maggi ,  “The harms and benefits of Pornography consumption” by Francesca Tripodi and Athena Duffy,” Infertility and Sex” by Lior Lowenstein,  “The Dark and Bright side of Pain” by Nina Callens and Andreas Wismeijer and “Transgender Care” by Joz Motions and Inga Becker.

All other Sexual Health topics were presented with the latest research and management . Next year conference will be in Lisbon, Portugal.