World Meeting on Sexual Medicine | Lisbon, Portugal 2018


Dr Blaylock was invited to moderate a Poster Session at the 21st ISSM/ESSM world meeting for Sexual Medicine in Lisbon, Portugal in February.

Rena An, a neuroscientist from The Sexology Lab in Prague, Czech Republic presented a poster with the aim of discovering basic mechanisms behind sexual aggression such as – rape, exhibitionism, uninvited touching and voyeuristic acts.

In summary, they managed to show that there are three different families of non-consent people with  very different structures of sexual motivations. The next step of the project is to identify key factors which drive and inhibit their arousal on the psychophysiological and brain level.

It was inspiring being with like minded colleagues where topics with updated research in male and female sexual medicine were covered.

An interesting session was presented on the latest thoughts and progresses in laser vaginal treatments.